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F6500 Marking Cast Fluorescent Vinyl

Marking grade 100µm cast fluorescent film, for use in all interior and exterior marking and signage applications. Particularly suitable for graphics on vehicles as the vinyl has the ultimate properties for outdoor durability 6 colours, Durability up to 2 years depending on colour (see the Technical Data Sheet).

The cast PVC film is conformable and suitable for use on all smooth, textured and contoured surfaces. Suitable for solvent inkjet printing.

F6500 - Marking Fluorecent CastTechnical Data Sheet
DurabilityUp to 2 Years
Face Film100µm Cast PVC
AdhesivePermanent Grey Acrylic
Service Range-40°c to +105°c
LaminationNot Required
Fire RatingNot Tested

F6500 Marking

Marking Grade Cast

Mini Razor Blades x 100
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