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Micro Perforated Laminating Film

PC50MICP2 - Cast Micro Vision Laminate For Vehicles.
PC50MICP2 is an optically clear gloss, 50µm cast vinyl with a ultra clear permanent solvent acrylic adhesive system on a clear polyester liner. This product is conformable and ultra clear so is ideal for the over laminating of perforated window film material where optical clarity is required or for the over laminating of vehicle wraps and graphics. PC50MICP2 protects against abrasion and UV.

PG836 - Polyester Micro Vision Laminate For Buildings.
PG836 is an ultra clear 36µ polyester laminate with a solvent acrylic permanent adhesive on a PE coated silicone liner. This product can be used to over laminate micro perforated window films that are to be applied to flat glass only.

durability (refer to the Technical Data Sheet)
Face Film
Data Sheet
Optically Clear Gloss
2 Year
50µm Cast PVC
Clear Solvent Acrylic
Ultra Clear Gloss
2 Year
36µm Polyester
Clear Solvent Acrylic

Micro Perforated

150mm Ultra Sharp Window Scraper
£17.84 Each
No.2  Pre Cleaner (1 litre)
£7.74 Each
Red handled 200mm roller
£11.10 Each

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