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Polymeric Etch Film

S5DEPM - Polymeric Silver Etch / E5FRO - Polymeric Frost Etch / S6DE00- Polymeric Silver Removable Etch
Polymeric etch with solvent acrylic adhesive, resistant to most oils, diluted acids alcohol and hydrocarbons. Perfect for that frosted finish.

E5TEX - Polymeric Textured Etch.
E5TEX is a polymeric 3D textured etch, suitable for letter & logos.

E5GOL - Polymeric Gold Etch.
E5GOL is a polymeric etch with solvent acrylic adhesive, resistant to most oils, diluted acids and hydrocarbons.

S5DP300 - Polymeric Coloured Etch.
S5DP300 Polymeric coloured glass decoration film with an exclusive look effect is ideal for innovative applications on glass. With a huge range of different colours this self-adhesive decoration allows almost unlimited creative designs on windows, glass doors and other glass surfaces.

All glass applications require the use of the HEXIS® MPFSECXL high pressure heavy duty squeegee, an application should not be attempted without the use of this tool.

Please note that 380mm is always supplied sprocketed, should you require any other width sprocketed please request this in the Special Instructions.

S5DEPM - Polymeric Silver EtchTechnical Data Sheet
E5TEX - Polymeric Textured EtchTechnical Data Sheet
S6DE00 - Polymeric Silver Removable EtchTechnical Data Sheet
E5FRO - Polymeric Frost EtchTechnical Data Sheet
E5GOL - Polymeric Gold Etch Technical Data Sheet
S5DP300 - Polymeric Coloured Etch Technical Data Sheet
DurabilityUp to 7 Years
Face Film70µm Polymeric PVC
AdhesiveSee data sheet
Service Range-40°c to +90°c
PrintableNot Recommended
LaminationNot Required
Fire RatingNot Tested
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