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VC212 Hi Performance Prismatic Reflective Film

HI Performance prismatic grade 200µm reflective film, Class 2 microprismatic, compliant with EN 12899-1 designed for lettering onto emergency service vehicles and motorbikes. High intensity compliance, 5 colours. Outdoor durability (refer to the Technical Data Sheet) 5 years. The product is single layer so no edge sealing is required with this film and it withstands power washes due to its aggressive high-tack pressure sensitive adhesive. The material is die cuttable and plotter cuttable, and easy to apply onto smooth painted or unpainted vehicle surfaces. This product offers prismatic quality reflective at a competitive price level.
VC212 - Hi Performance Prismatic ReflectiveApplication GuideTechnical Data Sheet
DurabilityUp to 5 Years
Face Film200µm Polyester
AdhesivePermanent Clear Solvent Acrylic
Service Range-40°c to +90°c
PrintableNot Recommended
LaminationNot Required
Fire RatingNot Tested

VC212 HI Performance Prismatic

HI Performance Prismatic Grade

Yellow Safety Ruler (100cm)
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