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Mount Film

WF50 - Window Fix Permanent/Peel Easy On Mount Film.
WF50 is a clear, 50µm PVC monomeric calendered film, with an Easy-ON removable adhesive on one side and an Easy-ON permanent adhesive on the other. The Easy-ON fine channels allow air bubbles to be wiped out with ease, making the application and mount fast and simple for even the most inexperienced users. WF50 is the perfect product for glass and shop window applications where a permanent window display can be temporarily mounted and removed eaily and cleanly when required.

MF300 Ultra Clear, 30µm polypropylene carrier film with an ultra clear solvent acrylic adhesive coated on both sides, with a 50gr/m2 twin silicone PP liners. MF300 is suitable for mounting backlit film or dura-trans style products onto opal or clear acrylic panels.

MF301 Clear, 12µm polyester carrier film with a clear solvent acrylic adhesive coated on both sides, with a 90gr/m2 silicone PE liner. MF301 is suitable for mounting inkjet printed paper images onto various smooth surfaces.

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Window Fix Perm/ Peel Easy On Mount Film
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