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KeenCut 3100mm Javelin Integra High Precision Cutting Bar.
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The KeenCut Javelin Integra range of precision cutting bars are designed with the most demanding standards of accuracy.

The accuracy of this cutting bar is so precise, to within 0.2mm over the 3.1 metre length.

Ideal for finishing of banners, display system panels and other materials that require the most precise and accurate cutting alignment.

The KeenCut Javelin Integra features a left and hold lever for clamping printed images into place before cutting, the aluminium base plate allows the cutting bar to be attached to an existing work table or the KeenCut Integra work bench.

Supplied with three blade holders enabling the operator to cut a wide range of materials up to 13mm thick, while the linear bearings carry a 20 year replacement guarantee.

Ideal For Cutting:
PVC Foamboard
Polyester Display
Wovan Fabric
Foam Centred Board
Honeycomb & Corrugated Plastics


Available At - 1600mm, 2100mm, 2600mm & 3100mm Wide.

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