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Keencut 60 Inch Aluminium Straight Edge With Imperial Scale
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Price: £58.00 Each

Fabricated from silver anodised aluminium the Keencut Safety Straight Edge is the perfect combination of high grade materials and superb engineering resulting in just the right balance of great looks, strength, precision and lightweight portability.

Keencut Safety Straight Edge is a superb straight edge for use in marking, drawing, pen-lining, scoring or cutting. In fact it can be used with all types of hand-held tools where accuracy is required.

Protect the operator: With a full length curved finger guard the Keencut Safety Straight Edge doesn't leave safety to chance. Operators of all levels can use the Safety Straight Edge safely and efficiently.

Protect work: Comes fitted with two full-length grip cords to steady the straight edge and protect sensitive surfaces.

Protect the Safety Straight Edge and Tools: For lasting accuracy each Safety Straight Edge is equipped with an embedded steel edge to resist wear to both the Safety Straight Edge and tools.

Keencut Safety Straightedges are available in nine convenient sizes from 45cm (24") to 180cm (72") and can be ordered with either Imperial (in) or Metric (cm) scales attached.

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