About Hexis

Do you know HEXIS?

HEXIS are a leading European Sign Vinyl film manufacturing and adhesive coating company with production facilities in Sète and Hagetmau, all located in France. The Hagetmau site also includes the World Wide distribution centre for all HEXIS products. The company specialises in pressure-sensitive adhesive coating of thin plastic Sign Vinyl films and have pioneered their own process to produce high performance cast vinyl films intended for professional signage, vehicle marking, visual communication, surface protection and now textile decoration! HEXIS now boasts a group of 9 subsidiary sites around the World and a further network of over 50 other distributors Worldwide.

The HEXIS Philosophy.

The word “HEXIS” comes from the Greek philosophy of Aristotle and roughly translated means “permanent, strong, stable and quality”. HEXIS manufacture 5 types of films, plotter cuttable coloured films for signage and marking of vehicles, cast Sign Vinyl films for vehicle wrapping and decoration, media for wide format printing, Vinyl films for protection and lamination and plotter cuttable textile marking Vinyl films for garment and textile decoration.

HEXIS Investment.

A¿er €2,000,000.00 of major investment over the past 5 years, HEXIS have installed two state of the art casting lines in France to produce their new revolutionary cast films. HEXIS has followed its “Creating Media” strap line and created a differentiation strategy, based on a competitive edge in production innovation, originality and technical performance. The strength for HEXIS to compete is based on its product range and quality, expertise of its sales force and effectiveness of its customer service. In 25 years, HEXIS has become a major player in its markets and has imposed its brand and products at the highest levels of quality and performance. In fact, the words “Stick to high quality” are printed in four languages on the back of all the HEXIS brand calendered films.

Inkjet Vinyl Media For The Next Generation.

The HEXIS brand is synonymous with high quality and that is prevalent in the wide range of premium printable self-adhesive and non-adhesive media that encompass the HEXIS digital media range.


Solvent and aqueous adhesive technologies are used on the wide range of self-adhesive cast and calendered PVC Vinyl films. The world leading HEX’Press adhesive technology is also coated onto selected HEXIS Vinyl film, this enables the Vinyl film to be applied quickly and easily without any air bubbles to many different substrates. The further development of grey, clear and black coloured adhesives for identification on certain adhesive qualities has been implemented and customers around the world find this a major benefit when using various Sign Vinyl films for different applications. Adhesives have been formulated for use on many different applications, from a short term removable grade to an ultra-permanent asphalt grade adhesive. HEXIS have the solution you are looking for!


HEXIS release-liner technology leads the way when it comes to inkjet printing, with many distinctive liners being offered, including single sided PE coated liner, double sided PE coated liner, double clay Kraft coated liner and machine cut Kraft coated liner. These liners help the media run through various different printers and give excellent print results depending on the printer and ink. The new VL range of liners has helped the HEXIS gain the status of HP registered Latex developer.


HEXIS manufacture and cast their own range of cast PVC Sign Vinyl films in their production facility in Sete, France suitable for medium to long term outdoor application. HEXIS also coat their own manufactured adhesive formulations onto monomeric, extruded and polymeric calendered PVC Sign Vinyl films suitable for short to long term applications, depending on the Sign Vinyl film and adhesive combination.


As well as many adhesives, HEXIS have formulated and created various top coatings for a variety of speciality media including Digital papers, Printable polyesters and fabrics, creating a wonderful range of printable media suitable for solvent, eco-solvent, UV curable and latex inkjet printers.

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