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Floor Outdoor Digital Print Media

HEXIS have developed a complete range of innovative products designed to comply with anti-slip standards.

Customise your indoor and outdoor floor spaces and choose the right printable film from our range of proven anti-slip printable media.

There is no need to laminate these films.

Anti-slip grading according to DIN 51 130 (R13 is the best anti-slip)

Anti-slip Grading
Durability Outdoor
Face Film
Data Sheet
Mak Floor Graphic Film
Up to 6 months
550µm Self-extinguishing Film
Acrylic Permanent
E, S, L, U

White Textured Anti-skid Film

Up to 3 months

550µm Anti-Slip Special Soft Acrylic Coated PET

High Tack Permanent Solvent Acrylic

E, S, L, U
Compatibility* : Suitable for over laminating of printed inks (E = EcoSolvent, S = Solvent, U = UV, L = Latex)

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